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Within the territory of the Bohemian-Moravian Borderlands there are numerous museums documenting the oftentimes very emotional history of the region, likewise, in several instance they also offer attractive expositions from various spheres of human activity.

In the newly opened Bohuslav Martinů Centre in Polička you can learn in an entertaining way through modern conceived expositions with interactive elements about the history of the town, the fate of the local native Bohuslav Martinů, or observe the fragile beauty of the unique collection of Horácky glass. In Svitavy, you should not miss visiting the museum with the permanent exhibition Searching for the Star of David which is about the fate of the Svitavy native Oskar Schindler and the history of the Jewish settlement in the region. An exciting point of interest while visiting Svitavy will most certainly be a tour of the exposition of washing machines and washing techniques or the Esperanto Museum, the only one of its kind in the Czech Republic. In Litomyšl, apart from the Regional Museum you can also visit the Portmoneum – the Museum of Josef Váchal. You will surely be enchanted by the house decorated with paintings by the author of the Bloody Novel Josef Váchal. The First Czech Museum of Cycling on the premises of the castle in Nové Hrady presents a unique, private collection of bicycles ranging from historical velocipedes to contemporary racing specials. In the Town Museum in Moravská Třebová you can see the Holzmaister collection of non-European art, which among others includes the mummy of the Egyptian Princess Hereret.

Detailed information

Chateau cellars in Litomyšl with an exhibition of statues by Olbram Zoubek.
Horácké glass exhibit in the Bohuslav Martinu Centre in Polička.


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